2 Materials

I found this beautiful metal material and decided to work with it. After some deliberation, I set out to make a cheese plate. I had some wood left over from a previous project.

After cutting the wood down to the dimensions of the cheese plate, I sanded the edges to round and smoothen them.

Since I will use this item for food, I did not want to use the wood stain containing any chemicals. I did a quick web search and found instructions for a coffee stain. I mixed 2 teaspoons of inatant coffee with about 1 cup of water and started to stain my platter. This is the result after 5 coats of stain, which dried overnight. I added a little coconut oil to the surface. I was hoping it would provide a little scheen but the oil soaked through. I like the color I got at the end as it works perfectly with the metal color.

I then needed to address the metal. I needed to cut a strip that would allow me to make two handles.

I sanded and smoothed the edges of the handles a bit then affixed them to the wood using 5/8″ wood screws. Here it is!


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