2D Primitive Shapes

This is a very primitive 2D drawing of an FC Barcelona supporter celebrating a goal. Messi just scored another goal and the supporter, elated, hands cheering, mouth gaping is shouting “GOOOOAAAALLLL”!

I used basic 2D attributes of JavaScript to create this drawing. I used:

ellipse() – to create his head, eyes and mouth.

rect() – was used to create the signature Barca blue and red striped jersey, his arms, legs and shorts. For the jersey, I drew a red rectangle then inserted the stripes by overlaying three blue rectangles.

triangle() – I used this attribute to create the definition of his shorts.

I used the background(), fill() and stroke() attributes to add the respective colors to the attire and body.  Using createCanvas(600,1500), I created the dimensions of the window.

Here is how my drawing progressed:

hw1_1 hw1_2 hw1_3









Here’s a peak of my code.

hw1_4My Barca supporter can be found here: http://www.nikitahuggins.com/Projects/ICM/Homework1/


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