Results require change

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This week’s readings touched a topic that I am most concerned about – food waste. Considering the fact that most of the food that is grown in the U.S. goes to waste – while not all of the population is food secure – certainly there needs to be prompt reform of the food system.

I saw this segment on a Bizzare Foods once and was taken back by the massive amounts of waste produced. Vegas is (to me) lavish, wasteful and very American (because ‘go big or go home!’). In In Vegas, Pigs Eat for Free, host Andrew Zimmern visits a pig farm in Vegas where the pigs consume the massive 800lbs of wasted food produced DAILY by the MGM Resorts. The owner of the farm ASKED MGM for their food scraps. What would have happened with that 800 lbs of food produced daily had he not?!!! Nevada is not considered a wealthy state by any means. Therefore this type of waste should not occur. There is a huge disconnect.


Everything is linked, food waste – climate change – food insecurity – overconsumption – poor health – socio economic impacts … etc. Something needs to be done now, if we are to survive happy on this planet. The power lies with each individual to do so, not with the policy makers.

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