Box assignment – Diamonds

My partner Nicole and I wanted to make a geometric shape, something simple. After a quick brainstorm we decided to make a diamond box. The shape’s top would be a hexagon and many sides, a combination of triangles. We found these shapes to use as guides for our illustrator drawing.

We then set out to create our rendering. Two hexagons and 6 joined triangles were drawn. This iteration generated  two printouts where we tested how to cut and fold the paper to achieve the desired shapes. We then modified the drawing to include tabs. These tabs allow the shape to close and be properly secured.  We first drew the shapes in illustrator without tabs on which to secure the paper. We developed four iterations before having a printed diamond that folded well.

We then prepared our file for transfer to Silhouette. Our first print on the vinyl cutter indicated that we had the incorrect settings for our drawing. The folding lines weren’t perforated. We fixed this and added perforated lines in the appropriate areas. We set to print two more times before the diamond was perfectly cut and etched on the vinyl cutter.



2 thoughts on “Box assignment – Diamonds”

  1. Nice work on the diamond shape! It’s not an easy shape to match up, as the angles are a bit odd (and rotate in more than one direction). I look forward to seeing your next prototypes.

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