Tantie Tweets

For my Programming A to Z final, I decided to expand upon my twitter bot class assignment. Previously, I created a twitter bot using Allison Parrish’s google spreadsheet format. Here, the tweets were composed, added to a spreadsheet and instructions given to tweet at intervals. For my final I:

  1. created an API on Firebase
  2. crowdsourced content for my tweets, which were added directly to the API
  3. created script that posted tweets using the API as source content.
  4. hosted the app on Heroku

Tantie Tweets inspired my thesis. I had to create an API since I could not find a suitable repository for the dialect anywhere online. For my thesis, I will create an API of the language as well as a web platform that teaches the language of the islands through its history.

Tricked Down Nasty Woman, Campaign Speech Generator

This election is tragically comical.
The stakes are high, yet candidates fail to address the issues at the debates.
Bickering and name calling prevail
Keeping with that trend, let’s write some speeches! Who needs facts!

How it was made

The program reads various comments made by candidates Clinton and Trump and generates new speeches based on how the text is weighted. The source text contains things each candidate has said while campaigning and during the 3rd debate.

The app uses Markov Chains to generate the speech. Two datasets were created. One with Hillary’s popular campaign comments and the other with DT’s.

How it works

Want a Hillaryish speech – slide toward nasty
Want a Trumpish speech – slide toward tricked down
More neutral – keep it neutral

Try it yourself!

Trickled Down Nasty Woman

View it below