I needed to create an enclosure for my p-comp final. I needed to a box to hold my arduino, breadboard and two buttons. I visited the Container Store and purchased a bamboo box. It was large enough to hold the parts.

I purchased a sheet of turquoise acrylic from Canal Plastics. I engraved and cut my pattern using the laser cutter. First try was no good as I measured the size of the holes incorrectly. The laser cutter made holes that were too small. Using the same piece of acrylic, I tried to cut larger holes but somehow shifted the position of the holes on my file. I got it right on the second try.

I then used a bronze sharpie to highlight the text that I etched into the acrylic. I used an orange dry erase marker to finish off the effect.

The challenge was cutting a hole into the side of the box to fit my usb cable through.

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