Final – lamp

I made a lamp using paper, 2 metal trivets, wire and wood glue.

I started this project by making a metal structure to wrap my paper around. The mock up was too small and not sturdy enough. I made a visit to the 99 cent store in search of a perfectly round and sturdy item that could be used to form the shape of the lamp. I found metal trivets, so purchased two. I then set out to mount them one on top of the other suspended with wire.

Once that was accomplished – the structure was not sturdy but I proceeded anyway. It was then time to attach the paper shade. I purchased some black and cream patterned paper from Blink. It has fibers and some weight to it. I measured and cut the height, folded a 1″ border and proceeded to glue the paper to the bottom trivet. I used wood glue for this.

Once that was complete, I attached my light fixture. Here is the final product.

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