Fruit Fight – Stop Motion Animation

My first time creating an animation and though it was tedious, it was very rewarding. I worked with Nicola and Naoki on this project.

The concept

We wanted to work with materials other than those we’ve seen in recent ITP animations, so decided to use fruit. The story board came soon after deciding what our characters would be. Our story is about an orange trying to befriend a group of fruit but they reject him. What he does after adds drama to the animation. Scroll to the bottom to check it out!


The characters

We used a bunch of grapes, a banana, an apple and an orange as our characters. We used different colored wire to create their arms. We used different eyes to add expressions to the banana, grapes and apple. They were either happy or surprised. The orange is the main character. His mouth and eyes show his emotion. He also has some accessories to match the psycho mood he takes on. A mask, a spear and a metal rod are used as his fighting apparatus.


It was challenging to work with fruit and manipulate their movement as we were constrained by their natural shapes. At times we used string to enable vertical movement of the fruit. We had many technical issues with our lighting thus have to make some post-production changes to the file. However, I present to you the first edited version of Fruit Fight!

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