Goal Training

For my 2nd PComp assignment, I created a mock up of a football (soccer) Goal training net. A full scale version of this can be used for goal scoring training. The sensor can be placed/activated on specific spots, so the player can practice scoring to those spots.

This circuit is comprised of an LED bulb, a resistor and a switch. As shown in the photo below.

LED controlled by switch

I removed the touch switch and added to wires that upon simultaneous contact with foil would cause the LED to light. I added additional foil to one end of the switch to create a larger surface for the ball to hit and make contact with the goal. The goal is made of cardboard covered in foil.

LED with foil activated switch Top view showing circuit connection

How it works:

  1. The player kicks the ball toward the ‘net’ i.e. the foil wall – currently being guarded by the goal keeper
  2. Upon impacting the sensor, the LED lights indicating a goal was scored in the desired spot

Soccer Goal Training from Nikita Huggins on Vimeo.



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