Midterm – Movable Art

I like variation and wanted to crete a piece of art that could be changed. Using the iris mechanism, I can achieve movement.

The iris is a lever mechanism. When the handle is adjusted, the levers move to open or close the iris, respectively. Here, the shapes are attached to the iris. Thereby allowing for movement of the artwork.

This is a mockup of how the art moves using this type of mechanism.


Materials: Mini Brad fasteners nuts bolts watercolor paper
Equipment: Vinyl Cutter Laser Printer

Using the vinyl printer and watercolor paper, I created this three lever iris that is contained within a rectangle. The movement was smooth so I decided to stick with the iris mechanism but scale it up to include more levers and a more sturdy material.

To test the pattern, I printed a 5 lever iris using cardboard and the laser printer. I then used matboard for the iris design and assembled it using mini brad fasteners and nuts and bolts. I cut shapes for the artwork on the laser cutter as well as levers for fastening them to the iris. I then attached the shapes to the iris.

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