Multiples – Vertical Plant Hanger

This is my inspiration. I purchased some items from Home Depot to complete this projectDIY-Vertical-Plant-Hanger-final

  • 5 plant pots
  • 6′ of 1/4″ rope
  • 1 8″ x 6′ plank of wood
  • 1 round metal bracket





  1. I measured and cut 5 8″ x 8″ wood panels using the circular saw
  2. For each: I clamped each 8 x 8 panel down and drilled 4 holes in each corner to thread the rope. then
  3. I measured an approximately 3″ circle in the middle of each panel. Once the circle was drawn on each panel and the four holes drilled,
  4. I cut out the circle for the plant pots to fit into
  5. Stained each panel
  6. Cut 4 6′ lengths of rope
  7. Thread the rope through each corner
  8. Adjusted the knots to make the panels parallel
  9. Tied the 4 ropes into a knot and inserted the fixture from which the pot hangs


Finally, I assembled the hanging plant hanger. Knots keep the panels in place and are located below the planks. This gives the visible layer a clean look. These knots can be adjusted to accommodate the height of the plant. Once all of the ropes were threaded, I knotted them together and added the metal circular ring from which the hanger will hang.

The first rope being added to join the panels and form the hanger

The final product (showing one plant pot)