Post Election Thoughts

I was prepared for a Trump win. After discussing his campaign’s strategies targeted at democrats and minorities and seeing his supporter’s responses to his campaigning – I was convinced. In my opinion, the man/the campaign played on the society’s complacency; the power of the media has in convincing without due process; ignorance; vulnerability and fear. While many were swayed from voting democratic, some voted independent but the tragedy for the democrats came from Americans who failed to vote- making Trump’s voter suppression strategy successful. She won the popular vote. Had everyone voted, she might have won the election.

One week later, we have a newly elected President, yet many are not happy with this. Here in NY and at ITP, people are upset. Protesters are marching shouting “Hands too small, can’t build wall!” and other clever chants. I’ve seen a petition circling social media for the abolition of the Electoral College demanding that the popular vote be the deciding factor in electing a president. Many have also signed petitions asking the College to honor the popular vote and banish Trump. Many are betting their hopes on the Electoral College reversing the nomination and giving the presidency to Hillary. Unexpected was the SNL monologue by Dave Chappelle. Unexpected was the skit where he showed and example if how white liberal Americans felt disenfranchised after Trump’s win.

One sentiment echoed by non-Trump supporters is that they are petrified of the future. They associate a Trump presidency with more public activity of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party. They expect a holocaust and are filled with fear. Reports from throughout the country – indicating a surge in racial profiling, hate crimes and violence – do very little to dispel that fear. The liberal population is in fear. Fear breeds conflict – so by playing into this concept of fearing the unknown, people are starting to unconsciously perpetuate Trump’s agenda of dividing us.


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