Sing-Song for the ITP Winter Show

What it is: A visual and musical representation of the Trinidad and Tobago language.

With Sing-Song, I aim to celebrate the beautiful and unique sound of the dialect spoken on the islands. To present the concept that no matter what your language, you are unique and your sound is indeed beautiful.

  1. Word from the dialect will be displayed on RFID cards
  2. The user picks a word they want to attempt saying
  3. The RFID card is scanned
  4. The word and its attributes are displayed on the screen. These include the pronunciation, meaning, sentence use and a sound clip
  5. Using the external record button, the user will record herself trying to say the word.
  6. The sound (i.e. rising/falling inflection of the word) will be displayed visually when the user presses the play button.
  7. The user will be prompted to try to say another word
  8. By clicking on each word, a sound byte is played and its sound drawn

This is the interface:

or view here.

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