ATCQ (Video Readymade)

A Tribe Called Quest recently lost one of its members, Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor. Normally, the passing of someone who is considered a celebrity does not have much impact on me but this one did. Phife was my sister’s good friend, a brother. So as such, I grieved with her.

She shared with me home videos of them hanging out after their first meeting when he performed in London for the Hip-Hop for Haiti event – A Trini supporting a fellow Caribbean nation. Through her loss, I too shuffled through footage. Every music video that I could find online took me flying through a tunnel down memory lane – back to the 90’s. This project started out as my attempt to comfort a sibling but grew into a tribute to A Tribe Called Quest. Their music to me is rhythmic, their lyrics like poetry, their beats – energetic, their words – intelligent, their stature – proud. It is the music that I listened to growing up but forgot about. I honestly welcomed this opportunity to check myself.

Project Description
ATCQ is a video installation. A montage of some of A Tribe Called Quest’s top songs are played and the music videos projected onto a framed vinyl record.

Wooden picture frame
Vinyl record – spray painted white
360 servo motor
MadMapper software
Adobe Premiere Pro

Framed record
Using matte white spray paint, I painted a black vinyl record so the video can be projected onto it. I then glued the servo arm to the back of the record using hot glue, so I could affix the record to the frame.

A hole was cut into the back of the frame so the 360 servo could be installed. The 360 servo allows the vinyl record to spin continually while the video is projected.


Youtube footage was downloaded for each song I worked with. I then edited the footage in Adobe Premiere. I selected the music I wanted to focus on, then went about compiling the montage using footage from different videos.

Using MadMapper, the footage was projected on the circular surface of the vinyl record. It looks a little something like this. This clip has no audio.



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