This is a project I worked on with my partner Rebecca. We collected sounds with the intent of recreating the atmosphere of a beach day.

Imagine this as the final scene of a movie:

A man decides to take a walk on the beach and eventually go for a swim. As he’s walking toward the water he hears birds chirping and passes some children playing. In the background you can hear the ocean and its rumbling waves. The man starts walking in the water, then dives in. He’s swimming, enjoying the water when a wave comes crashing in and takes him. As the sea continues to rumble a piano starts playing as the credits scroll.

We gathered many sounds for this piece, some we discarded at the end. After careful strategic placement of the tracks, we then adjusted volumes, levels and faded in sounds. We recorded the majority of our tracks in Washington Square Park. The kids in the playground, a pianist playing a piece by Yann Tierson, walking on gravel, along with some others we did not use. The sound of the ocean was downloaded.

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