What is the Question?

This supercut was compiled with footage from the 2nd Presidential election debate. It highlights the trend of one Presidential candidate’s inability to answer the question asked by specifically declaring their policy for addressing the issues that concern the people. Here, DT equates “inner cities” with the African American and Latino population and of course fights to show that his opponent is worse (or that he is better). Either way, the debate led to issues not being addressed and respective policies not being articulated.

There was uproar over DT’s references to ‘inner cities’ in his response to the question presented to the candidates by undecided voter, James Carter. Mr. Carter asked, “Do you believe you can be a devoted President to all the people in the United States?” DT answered by insulting the other candidate, and referencing inner cities, where apparently all African American and Latinos live. 

After noticing that “inner cities” was mentioned 11 times in this response, I decided to investigate the media’s post-debate coverage of it. Instead, I found that the issue was addressed more on social media. I found no instances of the news agencies discussing the ridiculous generalization nor paying attention to the fact that the issues and policies were barely addressed. We can count on social media to provide a little humor but when hard issues like this arise, laughter is not appropriate. We should be asking, why are Latinos and Blacks associated with inner cities? What caused this? Was it the 13th amendment and its mission to control these populations? Now, capitalism and gentrification are misplacing these ‘poor souls’ from their inner city homes.

It’s not a laughing matter. So I ask, What is the Question hoping to get some answers. screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-10-45-21-pm

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