The thing without a name

When you work on something so much that the emotion derived from the failure or success of any part of the process is the same — and you wish you didn’t name it initially — or place meaning to it. ‘Cause it doesn’t seem that exciting or meaningful anymore. It now becomes the thing without a name. Continue reading The thing without a name

User Test – Sing Song


Questions I aim to test for:

  • Are the words too confusing?
  • Do I need to play recordings of the words to the user before asking them to participate?
  • Are the controls immediately understandable to a new user?
  • Is the user able to successfully operate the interface?
  • Is the user interested?
  • How long is the user interested in engaging in the activity?
  • Does the user repeat an action?

Continue reading User Test – Sing Song

Second Hand Smoke Detector

I created a device that can be used to detect second-hand cigarette smoke. We are aware of the dangers of smoking tobacco products but the danger is also there for those who are passively exposed to smoke. My goal is to detect the presence of second-hand smoke in my home and document these readings.  Continue reading Second Hand Smoke Detector

PComp Midterm Project

After walking past my neighbor’s door and hearing him hacking up a lung, no doubt due to his chain smoking, I decided that I would attempt to construct a device that would give readings on the presence of second hand smoke — in MY apartment. For some time the smoke from next door was coming into my home. The landlord inspected and in a letter said he didn’t see smoke (a testament of the BS I deal with). If the need arises I want to be able to show him data that supports my claims. Continue reading PComp Midterm Project