Eat Ugly

A community based campaign aimed at reducing food waste by embracing Ugly Foods.

The food waste epidemic in the United States is unreal. Perfectly good produce and processed foods go to waste, while there are food insecure families throughout the country.

Ugly foods, particularly account for a large amount of that waste. However, there are global initiatives like this and this to change people’s perception of food – an eventually their behaviors toward it.

As part of my contribution to the campaign, I created a quiz to inform and test knowledge of ugly foods. This interactive quiz was created using the Eko platform. This was an individual project for my Storytelling with Non-Linear Video course.

The content was produced using stop motion animation, video production, javascript and css. The stars of the animations are none other than ugly foods acquired from my neighborhood coop (these were destined for the compost) and purchased from farmers markets.

Take the quiz! Test your knowledge about food waste in America?