Microbe Scanner

The Microbe Scanner is a Speculative Design project that I will explore. We learned about microbes and this got me thinking about disease. Disease suggests to me that that body is out-of-sync or in a state of disequilibrium. Naturally, we want to be able to fix this and get back to feeling ‘normal’.

What if the lay person can scan their body to know if their equilibrium has been compromised by microbes? Enter the Microbe Scanner.

What is it?

A scanner that detects your health and the presence of harmful microbes in the human body.


To identify treatment that brings your body to equilibrium.

How it works

  • Detects the health and the presence of harmful microbes.
  • Detect disease
  • Presence of new microbes
  • ID how they interact with current ones
  • ID possible complications of dual existence
  • Suggest treatment to rid yourself of microbe


Can this be used to identify what a ‘healthy’ body looks like?

What is the baseline microbe system (of the gut, skin, nose, respiratory system, etc.)?

How can I test changes in the microbiome?

What is the ideal diet?

What’s equilibrium?

Are there environmental effects on the microbiome?

Does the baseline microbiome vary in different environments?