Recharge Rooms

Studio Elsewhere is a creative studio using bio-experiential design to develop virtual and physical interventions in healthcare.

Recharge Rooms are immersive biophilic private spaces that include music, scent, lighting, and sound, designed with research support to address trauma, anxiety, and stress and improve cognitive performance. There were installed in hospitals during the pandemic for use by frontline workers. Read about the project here and here.

recharge room


As Studio Elsewhere's Creative Producer and Researcher, I oversaw the planning and execution of immersive emerging technology-enhanced biophilic projects. I ensured each installation met with design and technical requirements. I collaborated with cross-disciplinary teams to design, develop and deliver these technology solutions and services combining experience design, software development, and technology integration. I worked directly with our clients to communicate needs and sucessfuly achieve project outcomes.

Studio Elsewhere Projects I also contributed to:
London Design Biennale 2021
Studio Elsewhere was invited to install a Recharge Room at the Somerset House for the London Design Biennale. Read about it here and here.
An immersive, interactive neurological lab project launched at Mount Sinai West for mood (PTSD, Anxiety and Depression) and motor (Tourette’s, Parkinson’s) disorder patients in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Circuit Therapeutics. Read about it here.
Charles Lazarus Children’s Abilities Center
The Center, installed at Mount Sinai Hospital, through the use of emerging technology and biophilic design provides innovative, affordable, life-changing therapies that can accelerate rehabilitation for many different conditions, including those with cerebral palsy, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and concussions. Read about it here.

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Museum of the Dog


The American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog has returned to New York City where it began over 35 years ago. Combining fine arts with cutting edge technology and interpretation, the Museum of the Dog provides unique and engaging experiences. AV&C created interactive installations that served to engage museum goers while teaching them all about the AKC breeds.


I worked with AV&C as the QA software producer ensuring each installation met with design and technical requirements. I led software QA testing for the CRM and five (5) interactive installations. I collaborated with cross-disciplinary teams to design, develop and deliver these technology solutions and services combining experience design, software development, and technology integration.

MoDog's Installations
meet the breed
Meet the Breed: An interactive installation that allows users to explore AKC breeds
donor wall
Donor Wall: A kiosk that showcases the museum’s donors
dog on the job
Dog on the Job: An interactive installation that teaches users how to train a dog.
find your match
Find Your Match: An interactive kiosk that uses machine learning to match the features of the user to an AKC breed they look most like.
community wall
Community Wall: These three screens display the museum's instagram feed.

Images courtesy MoDog's instagram account.

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Defiant Ones


With a quick turnaround and limited resources, I worked with Cactus as the Production Manager for HBO's New York premiere party for The Defiant Ones.

We designed an entryway experience that would set a perfect first impression for the event guests. We built custom code to perfectly synch a huge array of monitors, drew up plans for construction of a makeshift hallway, and started combing through HBO’s project assets looking for inspiration. Guests passed through a hallway with suspended monitors running a fast-edit of imagery and graphics related to the show. Sometimes in sync, sometimes each monitor’s content running in its own direction. Every ten seconds the monitors would go white, and floodlights would bring guests’ gaze back into the present moment onto themselves and those around them.

DefiantOnestruss DefiantOnestruss2 DefiantOnesmonitors DefiantOnesfinal


  • Create installation plan
  • Source vendors and equipment
  • Supervise the install

Images and video credit Cactus

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Rise Nation Cleveland


Cactus designed a series of dynamic sculptural ceiling installations that create immersive, ever-changing environments imbued with energy. These were created for the gym, Rise Nation. Expansive, rhythmic patterns, and constantly-changing scenery are the constants. I worked as the Project Manager for the install of the interactive ceiling at their Cleveland location.


  • Managed vendor relationships: lighting designer, AV technician and contractor
  • Sourced equipment and vendors
  • Managed timelines
  • Coordinated documentation

Images and video credit Cactus

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Lab 100


In an era where machine learning, connected devices and AI will make as much of an impact in medical research as clinical trials or lab tests, what does the patient experience look and feel like? And if personal data is fuel for medical progress, how can we encourage thousands of patients to contribute theirs? We were tasked by a group of visionary doctors at New York’s premier hospital to create an experience that was both medically effective and compelling enough to attract patients to participate in bringing this vision of the future to bear.

Lab100 at Mount Sinai is a hybrid clinic and research lab leveraging data and technology to redesign the way health is measured and health care is delivered. I worked as the Project Manager for Cactus on this project.


  • Oversaw the production of architectural assets
  • Supervised the architectural build of Lab 100
  • Sourced vendors and equipment
  • Managed vendor relationships
  • Managed the multi-disciplinary design team: graphic design, data visualization, and animations
  • Managed the production of two apps

Images and video credit Cactus

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Clockoo Bird

Throughout history, the main function of a timepiece was to simply tell time. Now the modern timepiece notifies us not only of the hour but when confronted with texts, emails, appointments, and a myriad of other alerts. ClockooBird imagines what life is like for the modern cuckoo bird, no longer on a set schedule but always required to be ready at a moment’s notice.

This interactive installation project was made for "Pop Up Windows Display" course at ITP in November 2016. The installation was displayed at the NYU Kimmel Center for three days.


View my design process

  • To create a two-window display that represented "Time"
  • CNC Fabrication (of the two professionally made cuckoo clocks)
  • Webcam (takes picture)
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • Twitter bot (posts pictures to twitter)
  • Physical Computing (control doors and clock gears)


  • Concept creation
  • Project Management
  • Fabrication
  • Physical Computing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

See more at https://twitter.com/clockoobird

Created in collaboration with Kevin Stirnweis, Xinyao Wang and Shir David.

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Sure We Can

We see New Yorkers collecting cans and bottles in large quantities. We know the items are redeemed for 5 cents each. Where do people go to redeem these massive bags of recyclables? My group found a bustling can and bottle redemption center in a lot on McKibbin Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn and decided to document stories of the many individuals that frequent and work at the center.

Sure We Can is a place where people go to redeem collected cans and bottles. This work has come to be known as “canning” and the individuals are called “canners.” Our documentary tells the story of the facility and its canners.

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Video and audio equipment


  • Document activity at the facility
  • Video editing
  • Storyboarding

Created in collaboration with Yuli Cali and Danielle Butler

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